Cirrus Rental

Cirrus Rental: Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Cirrus Aircraft

We have the newest, most advanced Cirrus rental fleet in Southern California. Our SR20 Cirrus aircraft – the G3 and G6 – are built for performance, safety, and comfort and are available for rent with an appropriate Cirrus Transition Course Certificate or Differences Course. 

Cirrus Fleet

Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP) and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®)

Instructor rates range from $120 – $125/hr 


Instructor Day Rate (8 hours), $850 flat rate 

History of Cirrus

Cirrus Aircraft was launched in 1994 by brothers Dale and Alan Klapmeier. The pair were aviation enthusiasts who dreamed of building the perfect aircraft. As Cirrus Aircraft has evolved, so too has its plane. Cirrus’s first aircraft, the SR20, was introduced in 1997 and became an instant success. Cirrus has continued to build high-quality aircraft, including the SR20 GTS and Cirrus Vision SF50 jet. 

Cirrus Aircraft has also entered the training market with Cirrus Training International or CTI. Their aircraft are some of the safest and most technologically advanced on the planet. Cirrus is known for its industry-leading safety record, including a perfect fatal accident record since 2002, which no other aviation manufacturer can claim. Cirrus aircraft are at the forefront of safety and technology, which is why Cirrus has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted aviation brands.

What is a Cirrus Authorized Training Center?

A Cirrus Authorized Training Center, or CTC, is authorized by Cirrus Aircraft to provide Cirrus training. Our CSIP (Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot) and TCI (Training Center Instructor) are Cirrus-certified instructors with extensive experience flying and teaching in Cirrus aircraft. 

Santa Monica Flyers is a Cirrus Authorized Training Center and offers the latest Cirrus training. We offer a variety of courses, from Private Pilot certification to Cirrus Transition Training. We also provide Cirrus-specific safety courses available at

What is required to rent our Cirrus aircraft?

The Cirrus rental process is similar to our other aircraft with one extra step outlined in the next paragraphs. You’ll need to be 18 years old or older with at least a private pilot certificate and current FAA medical certificate. Rental of our SR20 G6 (N333YY) or SR22s require a high-performance endorsement. 

Additionally, the PIC of any Cirrus on our fleet is required to have an appropriate Cirrus Transition Course Certificate on file at our school. The transition course raises the bar ten fold on pilot training. It consists of online videos accessible through Cirrus LMS–the online program used for Cirrus training–in addition to actual hands-on training with your flight instructor that is aligned with the online course. Many of our students who have graduated/obtained a Cirrus transition course certificate rave about how much safer and confident they feel in operating the Cirrus. This is largely thanks to the unrivaled design and bite-sized video modules from the online course. We will be happy to work with you on obtaining all the necessary endorsements and the transition course certificate needed to operate our Cirrus’ if you do not already have one.

It’s best to give us a call so we can inform you on the transition course process including information on time, costs, and scheduling. Typically, the average certified private pilot can expect a minimum of 10 and up to about 20 hours to successfully complete a transition course from scratch. The curriculum is specifically outlined and is conducted in accordance with the purchased course on in conjunction with your flight instructor here at SMF. A VFR transition course from Cirrus’ LMS website in the SR20 costs $550. This course and its up-front, one-time cost is independent/separate of the instruction and aircraft rental rates/costs offered at SMF which are necessary to complete the course.

Once the online course is completed (all of the videos have been watched), all of the ground and flight lessons outlined in the course successfully completed, and the final lesson, known as the stage check, successfully completed, you will earn the transition certificate which means you can rent the airplane solo.

The transition course certificate acts as a foundation, meaning you only ever need to get one transition course certificate.  Should you wish or want to operate other Cirrus models such as the SR22 or SR22T or the same model with a different avionics package, you would only need the appropriate differences course (which is much shorter, easier, and cheaper to obtain). For example, our SR20 G3 with Garmin Perspective Avionics is different than our SR20 G6 Garmin Perspective+ Avionics (one has a + and the other does not). A short differences course is required if you don’t have a certificate with one or the other avionics type. Additionally, since the SR20 G3 and SR20 G6 have different engines, another short differences course is needed to safely operate either model that you don’t already have a transition certificate in.

If you already have a transition course and/or appropriate differences course from Cirrus, then at least one checkout flight will be required prior to rental. More than one flight may be necessary if the pilot receiving the checkout does not consistently conform to Cirrus’ Flight Operation Manual (FOM). 

What can a Cirrus aircraft be used for?

Cirrus aircraft are perfect for various purposes, from sightseeing to business travel. The Cirrus SR20 is ideal for travel if you want comfort and style. Cirrus Aircraft has created an airplane that can cruise at 175 knots while burning just nine gallons of fuel per hour, with a maximum range of over 900 miles.

Cirrus’s advanced avionics systems make flying safer and more accessible. Cirrus rental gives you access to Cirrus’s unique Cirrus Perspective cockpit. The Cirrus Perspective system integrates GPS, terrain mapping, traffic information, and more into a single display. This system can give you the peace of mind to fly in any condition.

Cirrus has built its reputation on flight safety, and they continue that tradition. The Cirrus is perfect for those looking for a little more performance and luxury out of their rental experience. The Cirrus is equipped with a Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), which allows pilots to make a safe, controlled descent in an emergency.

Are there insurance requirements to rent a Cirrus aircraft?

Rental of any aircraft at SMF is subject to the same insurance requirements. Please navigate to our FAQ page and scroll down to see insurance requirements. Additionally, all pilots who wish to rent a Cirrus at SMF must have an appropriate Cirrus Transition Course Certificate and/or appropriate difference course certificate(s).

How much does it cost to rent a Cirrus?

Cirrus aircraft rental rates vary depending on the particular Cirrus model and include the fuel used (wet rate). Our air-conditioned SR20 G3 (N258JS) is $295 per hour. Our 2019 state-of-the-art Carbon trimmed with A/C Cirrus SR20 G6 (N333YY) is $333 per hour.  Our 2011 SR22 (N114CN) with 310 HP rents DRY at $395 per hour, and our 2018 SR22 (N19CT) rents DRY at $449 per hour. “Dry” means the price of fuel is not included in the rental, meaning you would pay for fuel in addition to the rental sort of how you would while renting a car. You will pay the going rate for 100LL fuel at KSMO if you bring the airplane back with less fuel than it was dispatched with. To get the most accurate quote for training in our Cirrus, please get in touch with us by calling 310-800-8050. We will be happy to provide a detailed estimate based on your needs and requirements.

Can a new pilot fly a Cirrus?

Yes! Cirrus aircraft are considered to be some of the best single-engine airplanes in existence. Cirrus rental provides an excellent opportunity for new pilots to get their foot in the door with a high-quality, safe flying experience. We even have a handful of student pilots who have started training and only fly the Cirrus. Even their first solo flight was in a Cirrus.

The Cirrus SR20 is ideal for first-time renters and experienced Cirrus flyers. 

Are Cirrus aircraft hard to fly?

Cirrus aircraft are easy to fly, and Cirrus rental is an excellent way for any new or experienced pilot to get their feet wet. Cirrus Aircraft has created an airplane that can be accessed by nearly every type of pilot to make flying safe and accessible for everyone.

With advanced safety features like Cirrus’ Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), Cirrus rental provides peace of mind for pilots and passengers alike. Cirrus Aircraft is the only aircraft manufacturer that offers a full-plane parachute system as standard equipment on all of its airplanes.

What are the benefits of renting a Cirrus?

There are many benefits to Cirrus aircraft rental. First and foremost, Cirrus renters have access to Cirrus’s unique Cirrus Perspective cockpit system, which provides a wealth of information for pilots. Additionally, Cirrus Aircraft is known for its high safety and quality. With a Cirrus rental, you can be assured that you’re flying in a safe and reliable aircraft. Cirrus also offers excellent value for your flying dollar, with fuel-efficient Cirrus aircraft that provide a high performance-to-cost ratio.

What are the benefits of renting instead of owning an airplane?

There are several benefits to Cirrus aircraft rental instead of owning an airplane. First, Cirrus renters have access to the latest Cirrus technology and safety features. Additionally, Cirrus Aircraft offers a wide variety of support services to its renters, from maintenance and avionics service to insurance. 

Cirrus also offers excellent value for your flying dollar, with Cirrus aircraft that provide a high performance-to-cost ratio. Renting a Cirrus also eliminates the need for expensive hangar space and storage fees.

Cirrus rental is the perfect option

Cirrus rental is the perfect way to experience everything Cirrus offers if you’re looking for convenience, style, and flexibility. With Santa Monica Flyers, you’ll have access to the newest Cirrus fleet in Southern California and Cirrus-certified instructors.

Contact us today to learn more about Cirrus aircraft rental and how you can get started flying Cirrus today!