Aircraft Purchase Assistance Services

Purchasing an airplane can be complex and daunting. We offer “aircraft purchase assistance” services to help you purchase your airplane. Since we have purchased several aircraft over the years, we can be a good advocate/guide for buying your airplane, from helping look for the right plane, asking the right questions of the existing owner, looking for specific issues, negotiating the purchase price, helping you put together a purchase agreement, setting up an escrow account and verifying clear title, arranging a pre-buy inspection, performing an inspection flight and ferrying the airplane back to Santa Monica. The services also include responding to loan company, insurance company, and FAA document requests, handling FAA paperwork, advising on possible leaseback arrangements with Santa Monica Flyers, and assisting the buyer with property and sales tax forms. These tasks may sound overwhelming, but by engaging in our Aircraft Purchase Assistance Services, we walk you through everything. 

Reach out to us to discuss more details about the aircraft purchase assistance service