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Welcome to Santa Monica Flyers home of Southern California's premier flight school and aircraft rental center. We use the most advanced aircraft available to provide world class training in aircraft that are safe, fuel efficient, ultra modern and downright sexy. Our friendly and professional flight instructors will guide you through the entire process of learning to fly, making the process, easy, fun and safe. Santa Monica Flyers is the perfect place for all levels of experience from first time flyers to high time jet pilots.

The only flight school at Santa Monica offering pilot licenses in 20 hours, not 40.

Santa Monica Flyers was founded to bring the finest light sport aircraft (LSA) available on the market to the Los Angeles basin. Based at the beautiful and historic Santa Monica airport in Los Angeles, the company is dedicated to providing affordable flight training not just for the Sport Pilot license, but for Private Pilot, Instrument Rating and Sport Pilot Instructor.