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Santa Monica Flyers is proud to be a certified Cirrus Training Center, providing the highest quality flight instruction and fleet to our renters and students. Whether you are new to flight training or an experienced pilot, our highly experienced CSIP instructors are here to guide you through the Cirrus Transition Training programs, avionics, airframe and power plant differences courses, and renter checkouts.

Why Cirrus? What is a Cirrus Training Center? Cirrus aircraft boast uncompromised safety records due to their innovative systems, such as Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP) and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®). In addition, the luxurious cabin seamlessly integrates technology and spaciousness with thoughtfully designed ergonomics, comfortable seats and lifestyle conveniences throughout.

Furthermore, the Cirrus Transition Course contains hundreds of excellent videos, which are created in bite-sized pieces for busy hard-working people, which effectively walks any pilot through learning the airframe, systems and avionics of any Cirrus airplane. Requirements to become a certified training center.


Cirrus is known as a premium brand when it comes to best-in-class aircrafts. Cirrus has a passion to bring more utility, safety, and flying cirrus aircraft pleasure to their fleet and pilots with your best aircraft training partner and also good for the pilot training experience. At our Cirrus Training Center, you will feel excited when you walk up to this aircraft. Our fleet includes completely reimagined, premium design collections extending from the exterior to inside the plane of vision jet type, vision jet flight and jet type rating. Vision jet including all the basic facilities of training center cirrus and online learning portal where you can learn at your comfort. These aircraft completely change the way you operate and experience life. The whole team at Cirrus Aircraft is focused on using new- age technology to make flying simpler, safer, and more enjoyable cirrus aircraft in center. The Cirrus is a very modern airplane and they are next generation thinking in terms of not only the manufacturing of the aircraft, the overall performance of the aircraft, and the ability of the aircraft but also from a training standpoint and ground training.

Cirrus is also focused on making aviation safer. They want their planes to be the safest airplanes and this is shown through their design. The difference with Cirrus and a lot of other small aircrafts manufacturers is that there is a full package available. The Cirrus aircraft parachute system is an innovation that has shown itself to be unrivaled in general aviation. These aircrafts give the pilot an abundance of information at their fingertips, so they automatically feel extremely safe and secure. This gives pilots a feeling of trust in their flying ability. Cirrus made sure that they made the airplane easy to fly so that it addressed a range of piloting skills. They are focused on great design, innovation, and performance in all the aircrafts that they make but they also make it a point to be inclusive. They want more people flying and more people gaining the benefits of personal aviation. The Cirrus is also built for comfort with a luxurious cabin and lifestyle features throughout. This includes air conditioning, USB outlets and headset straps. These thoughtful features take flight training experience to the next level, so you can enjoy and maximize your time.


Cirrus’ global network of Cirrus Training Centers is composed of elite flight schools that specialize in Cirrus aircraft training transition and offer Cirrus rental along with providing CSIP instructors. Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIP) have gone through vigorous training that exceed industry standards. This training entails a whole host of online learning where they are taught every single component, system, philosophy of use, abnormal emergencies, and normal operating procedures for every type of Cirrus plane. It is an incredibly in depth training transition that is required in order to become a CSIP. Before meeting with your CSIP, the pilots will be sent everything you need to know about this aircraft in the form of easy to understand and learn videos on time. Upon meeting with your CSIP, the instructor has a standardized list of maneuvers they have to go through, things to teach, and ways to teach. Overall, the process is very standardized and specific to learn Cirrus airplanes. Every CSIP has their own style and personality but everyone who flies a Cirrus will be taught the same content with the same emphasis on the same important items and trained in the same way. Since everyone goes through the same path, Cirrus is able to decrease deficiencies that could be overlooked and ensure that everyone comes out of this path equally competent. 

For pilots, Cirrus offers the transition training which can be modified based on the needs of the pilot and the aircraft they are transitioning into. This training program is extremely unique in the aviation industry. There are few other manufacturers that offer this level of training to its pilots. Cirrus does this because it is necessary to standardize their training in order to ensure the safest, most comfortable transition. The reason this transition training is necessary is because every component of this aircraft, especially the avionics, is completely integrated. A CSIP’s job is to help pilots navigate the system in a really efficient way so they really get the most out of the airplane and enjoy it and also enjoy the safety aspects of it, as well.

Cirrus Training Center Aircraft for rent


Do you want to learn to be a pilot? Are you asking yourself if you should train in a Cirrus? It’s comfortable, it’s fast, and it’s really easy to fly! However, there are some technical challenges that a student will need to overcome in order to master this aircraft and its course. If you are just learning to fly and you think you might want to go to the airlines or you think you might just want to fly privately or you’re just doing it because you love aviation then start small course. However, if you know you just want to be a private pilot, more specifically, a Cirrus pilot then it may be a great idea to complete your training in a Cirrus services.  It would be beneficial to begin your training in a cirrus plane if you’re planning to continue flying in these aircrafts after you’ve received your private pilot license. There are many things to consider when choosing the aircraft flight training to train in but always remember that the choice is yours!


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