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“The airplane has unveiled for us the true face of the earth.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Cirrus Aircraft is a high-performance, single-engine aircraft. Designed with safety in mind, the Cirrus Aircraft has an impressive safety record. However, every Cirrus Pilot must be familiar with the unique requirements of flying this type if they want to use it safely.

The Cirrus Aircraft

Cirrus is the company that made Cirrus Aircraft. Cirrus’s unique design and flight characteristics make flying more accessible than other planes. They are a type of general aviation aircraft, meaning pilots can use them in various ways. 

You must take several different training types before flying a Cirrus Aircraft. Read on to discover each of them.

Aeronautical Knowledge Test – Flight Review

A flight review is a requirement for any pilot who has not flown for at least six months. This is the time that pilots are required to take an aeronautical knowledge test, or A-K test, to ensure that they haven’t forgotten anything important about flying.

There is one primary test for private pilots and three separate tests for commercial pilots. The Commercial Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land requires you to answer 80 questions within 60 minutes and pass this test; you must respond with at least 70% accuracy. The Commercial Pilot Airplane Multiengine Land requires you to answer 80 questions within 75 minutes and pass with 70% accuracy. The Commercial Pilot Airplane Instrument requires you to answer 80 questions within 90 minutes and give them with 70% accuracy.

Ground School

If you’re looking to fly a Cirrus aircraft, you’ll need to complete ground school first.

The ground school aims to establish a foundation in flying and how it applies to your aircraft. This will help ensure that when you get on board your Cirrus, you’ll be able to make good decisions and avoid accidents.

Many flight schools offer Cirrus aircraft ground school classes. These classes take place in classrooms and are taught by certified instructors. These courses aim to prepare students to fly with proficiency and confidence. They allow students to learn about how airplanes work and how they should behave in various situations. Students also learn about procedures for safe flight, including emergency procedures, aerodynamics, and weather patterns. 

Cirrus Flight Training Course

The Cirrus Flight Training Course is a two-day course that teaches you the basics of flying a Cirrus Aircraft. Pilots usually do it in a simulator, an aircraft training device that mimics the experience of flying an actual plane.

The first day covers ground school and preflight procedures, while the second focuses on flight training lessons. You’ll learn how to conduct takeoffs and landings, cruise control, emergency procedures like engine failures or loss of power due to weather conditions or other unexpected events, and more!

Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Program

The Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Program (CPPP) is a ground-school course that will help you become a better pilot. Flight schools designed it for pilots to take before their first solo flight.

The CPPP is a two-part course. The first part, the “ground school,” is online and teaches you everything you need to know about flying a plane, from essential aerodynamics management to advanced concepts like instrument flying and crosswind landings. The second part of the program is called “air time” and consists of three hours in a flight simulator that lets you practice what you’ve learned in the ground school.

When you finish the program and complete both parts, you’ll receive an endorsement on your logbook from Cirrus that shows how well-prepared you are for actual flight lessons.

Cirrus Transition Training

Cirrus Transition Training is a flight training program designed to prepare new pilots for their first solo flight. Highly skilled professionals have developed the program with decades of aviation and training experience. It’s important to note that many experts in the industry consider the core curriculum of Cirrus Transition Training to be the gold standard for other programs to follow.

High-Performance Endorsement

A high-performance endorsement is required for all pilots to fly Cirrus aircraft. This is not a separate course but a specific part of the CFI course. The endorsement requires knowledge of several flight characteristics unique to the SR20 and SR22 aircraft:

It also involves classroom training on aerodynamics, weight and balance, fuel planning, and engine performance management.

Glass Cockpit Transition Training (GTT)

Glass cockpit transition training (GTT) is a unique course that teaches you how to use and fly a Cirrus aircraft with its advanced avionics suite.

GTT is only available for new Cirrus owners interested in receiving their instrument rating—not just those looking to master flight simulator-induced skills. If you want to get your certifications, GTT will help you learn how to use all the technology installed in your new plane, like GPS tracking and synthetic vision display.

Emergency Maneuver Training (EMT)

Emergency Maneuver Training (EMT) is a must-have for every Cirrus pilot. It’s the only way to learn how to recover from an unintentional stall or spin, which can occur in any aircraft but are especially dangerous in a fast, light airplane.

Who should take EMT?

All new pilots who wish to fly Cirrus aircraft should take EMT before flying their first flight as an owner/operator. Even if you’ve already taken an approved course from another partner, we strongly recommend retaking this course. It includes single-engine and multi-engine rated pilots.

Do You Need Special Training To Fly a Cirrus

Cirrus Basic Instructor Course

If you want to fly a Cirrus, you must first have patience because there are many hours of ground schooling you will need to complete. Pilots need patience with their instructor’s lengthy explanations of how every system works. You will also require patience to pass all the tests and check rides. 

Multi-Engine Aircraft Endorsement

The multi-engine endorsement is required if you want to fly a plane with more than one engine. For example, the Cirrus SR20/SR22 has two engines and needs this endorsement. A typical single-engine aircraft like a Cessna 172 has only one engine, so it does not require this endorsement. However, if your single-engine plane is certified for more than one engine, you can get the multi-engine endorsement for that aircraft instead of renting another aircraft to obtain it.

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