Daniel Collier

About Daniel Collier

CFI-A, Tailwheel, Spin Training, and Aerobatics

Growing up in Nashville, TN, Daniel’s passion for aviation started when he was young and would hear stories about flying in WWII from his uncle. During his younger years, he traveled a lot with his family and always enjoyed the airline flight more than anything else on the trip. Over the years, Daniel took flight through the Young Eagles Program but was finally able to pursue his passion for aviation after finishing his bachelor’s degree. After moving to Los Angeles, he trained and was mentored at the Zamperini Airport in Torrance. He joined the family here at Santa Monica Flyers shortly after and feels lucky to have found them.
When he is not having aviation adventures with students, he enjoys being outdoors, playing music, and traveling.
Daniel is available Tuesday through Saturday to instruct Private, Commercial, Complex, High-Performance, and Tailwheel students.

Rate: $110/hr