We use one of the most modern, fuel-efficient and low-maintenance light-sport aircraft currently available for “primary training”: the Sport Cruiser. Everyone wants to be kind to Mother Nature; the Sportcruiser sips fuel at roughly half the rate of a standard category airplane. Additionally, the hugely reliable Rotax engine and simple aircraft design mean that minimal maintenance is the order of the day for the Sportcruiser. All of this translates to savings for you whilst compromising nothing in terms of quality.
In addition to the Sportcruiser, our school offers a wide variety of other aircraft for intermediary and advanced training. We operate three standard Cessna 172s (at low hourly rates), one G1000 paneled Cessna 172, a Cessna 172RG (a “complex” airplane), a Cessna 182RG (a “complex, high-performance” airplane), and a Cirrus SR20 (a very nice ride). All these airplanes mean you can accomplish just about any kind of flight training you need or want. Instrument Rating, Commercial Rating, CFI Rating, Complex Endorsement, High Performance Endorsement are all available at Santa Monica Flyers.

Finally, Santa Monica Flyers is staffed by only the highest quality Certified Flight Instructors in Southern California. Lead by Chief CFI AJ Larson and GM Joseph Vazquez Miller, and with tens of thousands of hours between them, the highly-experienced instructors at Santa Monica Flyers are professional, approachable, available, and can walk you through any aviation goal you have in mind for yourself or any career pursuit you’re planning. Most importantly, our CFIs are experts in training people to become proficient, safe pilots. And our friendly office staff and flight line crew are always there for you and will do whatever they can to help you progress through your training. We ask only one thing of our students: be ready to learn!

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