Sam Nozik

About Sam Nozik


From a young age Sam was fascinated with airplanes and how they worked. He remembers looking out the windows of passenger jets, watching the flaps extend and retract and trying to figure out what that was doing to the plane.
In 2015, on an impulse, he took an intro flight and immediately knew that he needed to learn to fly. He became a Sport Pilot shortly thereafter and then eventually pursued his Private Pilot and CFI-Sport certificates. After getting his sport pilot license he had the opportuntiy to fly a light sport airplane across the country on an incredible three day adventure which solidified his passion for flying. After gaining some experience, Sam became a volunteer search and rescue pilot for the Civil Air Patrol.
Today, after more than half a decade of flying he only loves aviation more and more with every passing flight. Sam hopes to welcome new pilots in the aviation community with open arms, the way his original instructors did for him.

Rate: $105/hr