Paul Case

About Paul Case


After getting stuck in Spain and France during the pandemic, Paul Decided to make lemonade and learned to fly paragliders. Upon returning to the US he decided to trade in the collapsible fabric wing for more rigid aircraft and took his Private Pilot License. Realizing that flying airplanes was significantly more interesting than what he used to do, he promptly followed up his private pilot license with glider and seaplane ratings. Realizing he was hooked and wanting to learn everything he could about flying, he chased tailwheel, high performance, glider towing, and complex endorsements. Then he locked himself in the study room and emerged a few months later with Multi-Engine Instrument Commercial, Commercial Seaplane, and Commercial Glider ratings. Figuring it was time to fly things for pay, he started towing gliders and flying surveys down in the Sunshine State. When the survey company lost the contract, he took his winnings and headed over to Patty Wagstaff’s facility and learned how to fly aerobatics and then tackled the CFI certificate, which he completed in January of 2024.

Having gained some good experiences along the way, and recognizing that he wanted to be surrounded by other ambitious and professional instructors, he hunted down the best school he could find and asked them kindly to give him the opportunity to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of aspiring aviators. He is absolutely thrilled that Santa Monica Flyers gave him that opportunity.

Rate: $110/hr