James McKie

About James McKie


Like many students, James McKie wandered in to Santa Monica Flyers with the dream of flying.  Just a few short months later, he got his Pilot Certificate!  Becoming a Flight Instructor took a little longer, but he accomplished that in SportCruisers as well, right here at Santa Monica Flyers.  James loves flying—where even bumper-to-bumper traffic on the 405 looks majestically beautiful—but even more, he loves helping his Students fulfill their dreams of flying too!

A Firefighter on Maui, James returned to LA to help his Dad battle cancer.  “I grew up right over the fence.  We used to play tag between the hangars, pretend to fly an old seaplane, and play hide and seek in the jungle (under the VOR).”  When James was 17, he thought his dreams of flying (via the Air Force) were done.  “We’re all blessed to live in this great land of freedom and opportunity.  You get one life.  Why not live your most amazing life possible?”


Availability: Wednesday-Sunday

Rate: $105/hr