About Eli


I joined Santa Monica Flyers as a CFI/CFII in 2021, and am certified to teach students from private to commercial single engine — as well as instrument.

Before coming to Santa Monica Flyers, I earned my commercial multi-engine certificate with instrument in an intensive “zero to airline” program that lasted roughly 18 months. I was lucky to have the chance to train in both the Czech SportCruiser for private and commercial, and the Cessna 172 for instrument. I earned my multi-engine rating in the Piper Seminole.
Flying is a passion for me, and marks a significant career change. Before becoming a pilot and flight instructor, I was the main evening news anchor for an NBC affiliate, and worked previously for a Fox affiliate, a CBS affiliate and two Israeli networks. I’ve lived in Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok and Tel Aviv.
I graduated from USC in 2005, and as a dual US-Israeli citizen, served in the Israeli military’s atomic, biological and chemical response unit after graduation. I’m a member of the NGPA, AOPA, AJAP and NAFI.
Flying in Southern California is an experience unlike any other, and I encourage anyone with an interest in learning to fly to come up with SMF on an intro flight.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about flight training.

Rate: $95/hr