RealSimGear Cessna BATD

About RealSimGear Cessna BATD

The BATD is a great way to kickstart your instrument rating and is also great for scenario-based training towards the PPL.

The C172 G1000 Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) is a perfect way to start out the training for the instrument rating. In fact, because it is an FAA-approved Flight Simulator, up to 10 hours may be credited towards the instrument rating. It also has great utility for student pilots in practicing under certain conditions that are either hard to replicate in real life or, in the interest of safety, better left for a simulator. Up to 2.5 hours may be credited towards the training requirements for the Private Pilot Certificate.

Per FAA regulations, creditable training in the BATD must be provided by an authorized CFI. However, instrument recency (6 approaches and holding) for existing instrument pilots is available without a CFI. An IPC is not permitted to be conducted using the BATD.