How much does it cost to rent an airplane

How much does it cost to rent an airplane | Aircraft rental

To most people, the sky’s the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home.” – Jerry Crawford.

If you have ever dreamed of flying your private plane or aircraft, then renting aircraft could be the next best thing. However, renting an airplane isn’t as easy as renting a car. As a frequent flier, you’ll need to factor in hourly rental rates, insurance costs, and other expenses before deciding if it’s worth it.

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Private Aircraft For Rent at Santa Monica Flyers

Most private aircraft at Santa Monica Flyers are available for rent by the hour, day, and week. You may also rent some by the month. Our rental rates vary depending on whether you want to fly during daylight hours or at night, if there are any special requirements such as carrying more than four people, etc.

Factors Affecting Aircraft Rental Pricing

Type of aircraft

If you have a small group and can get comfortable with a single-engine plane, your hourly prices will be lower than if you’re flying in a larger aircraft with several people.

Class of Aircraft

Light sport aircraft offer basic features with accessories such as pilot controls, instruction, and seating. Still, they don’t have all the bells and whistles like GPS systems, weather radar, or autopilot capabilities. Standard certified planes or aircraft provide more features along with superior pilot safety features like oxygen masks for passengers and access to air traffic control services from ATC towers at airports with tower operations. These services may cost different rates.


The prices of an aircraft depend on where it’s being rented from because different companies charge different amounts based on their operating costs and labor rates in various regions around the country. Some areas might be more expensive due to labor laws or taxes imposed by local governments. Other places might offer aircraft packages that include additional services, such as catering, at no additional charge. Lastly, others have special offers like discounts when booking multiple flights within 24 hours so be sure not to miss out!

Security Fees, Fuel Surcharges, Flight Insurance, and Parking Fees

Once you’ve acquired an aircraft and are ready to fly, additional rates will be beyond the rental cost. These include security fees, fuel surcharges, insurance, and parking fees. There may also be hidden rates not mentioned in your aircraft contract or quote from the company that rents you the aircraft.

We recommend asking about these additional aircraft rental costs before signing any paperwork for your flight.

Aircraft Rental Rates Per Hour at Santa Monica Flyers


Rental Rate

Cirrus Planes

$265-$310 per hr

Cessna Planes

$192 – $195 per hr

Sport Cruiser Planes

$169 per hr

Super Decathlon – N148AC

$199 per hr

Mooney – N231AL

$240 per hr

If you’re looking for a way to escape the humdrum of everyday life and feel like you’re flying, a rental plane or aircraft might be the answer.

But how much does it cost to rent a plane? And what kind of plane should you rent?

We’ve got your answers!

The average hourly rate for a Cirrus plane is $265-$310. That includes fuel costs, insurance, maintenance, headsets, and more.

The average hourly rate for a Cessna plane is $192 – $195 per hour. Like with the Cirrus planes, this price includes fuel costs, insurance, maintenance, and more.

A Sport Cruiser plane will cost you about $169 per hour. With this rental option, you’ll get a small single-engine plane with no cabin or doors for passengers; it’s mainly used for flight training or sightseeing trips.

If you’re a pilot looking for something with a little more excitement than just a tiny single-engine plane—and don’t mind paying extra money—you can rent out the Super Decathlon – N148AC at $199 per hour! This plane holds up to six people and has two engines: one on each wingtip. It’s ideal if you want to fly with a group of people. 

If you’re looking for something a little more “luxurious,” the Mooney – N231AL will be your best bet. The rental for this plane costs $240 per hour and has two seats and a cabin; it’s also equipped with air conditioning so that you can stay cool while flying!

Rent An Airplane at Santa Monica Flyers

Renting an airplane is a great way to see the world from a new perspective. If you’re a recreational pilot looking to rent an airplane but don’t know where to go, Santa Monica Flyers is the place for you!

We’re located in Santa Monica, California, and offer various aviation rental options. Whether you’re looking for a private flight or something more affordable at reasonable rates, we’ve got what you need. Our aviation staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced; they’ll help you find the perfect aircraft for your trip.

Our aviation fleet includes everything from small single-engine planes to large commercial jets. We also have helicopters for shorter trips or larger groups who want to see more than one area at once!

If you’re interested in renting an airplane from us, give us a call today! We can help you plan your aviation trip and ensure everything goes smoothly on the day of your flight.


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